Since the 1960s I have been in a variety of bands and recorded
both as a solo and a group artist. My band Mystery Trend, was one
of the first rock bands to play the Fillmore, under new operation by Bill Graham.
After disbanding Mystery Trend I continued to write a 
collection of songs which
eventually became my first solo album, Bad Rice. 
It has been referred to
by many critics as a cult classic and CD release is 
currently pending.

In addition to my solo career, I have written songs for other artists including
The Tubes, Barbara Streisand, Leo Kottke, and Sammy Hagar, and I have also
contributed to many films, including Cat People and The Exorcist, as sound designer.

Since 1973 I have been writing and producing music with Scott Mathews.
We continue to work together. Over the last several years I have been working
on two solo albums, She Lies(released 2009) and Spread the Love ( Late Summer 2013).

I continue to have great love and enthusiasm for all types of music and continue
to investigate and experiment with all types of forms and genres.