more or less now and then

More or Less Now and Then

A survey collection to accompany the monograph Nagle, Ron, with material spanning from the earliest Mystery Trend demos to samples from recent and upcoming albums. To be released by Fendis Intl.

Tracks [play a sample]:
1. Victim Train
2. She Lies
3. The Whole Act Falls Apart
4. Tomboy
5. Half as Much
6. 1002 Park
7. Nothing’s Too Good for You
8. Was I Pushed
9. One Day at a Time
10. Saving it All Up for Larry
11. Beware of Love
12. Pound of Flesh
13. Don’t Touch Me There
14. Who You Gonna Tell
15. Berberlang
16. Frank’s Store
17. 631 Clay
18. Out in the Hall
19. Ten Empty Cups
20. Wake Up Cryin’
21. Musings